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Solution To Recover PST Password From Encrypted PST Files Efficiently

MS Outlook is very popular amongst PC users as an email client which is equipped with various features that allow them to send or receive emails, appointments, journals, alarm, and many more. In order to store all such data stored by the users through outlook, PST or Personal Storage Tables are used. Most of the PC users also go through locking the PST files with passwords in order to keep the data private and not accessible to unauthorized ones. Such password can be forgotten or lost anytime, that would be a very frustrating condition for the outlook user. But don't be panic as such situations can easily be handled with the help of PST Password Recovery program which is easily available through the Internet.


If you are an Outlook user and looking for the solutions that can aid you recovering your lost or forgotten password of PST file, then here are some of the steps that can be gone through in order to resolve your problem easily

  • Download a reliable PST password recovery tool through the Internet and install it into your PC.
  • Launch the Program on your system.
  • Inside the opened interface of PST Password Recovery program, locate the PST files for which password is to be recovered.
  • Click on the Recover Password Now button to restore the password. You can also assign a new password if you want so.

Just 4 steps, and you will be able to access the PST file again whose password is forgotten by you.


Here are some of the key features of the best rated PST Password Recovery Program:

  1. Allows you to select any of the password protected PST file and recovers it password in just a mean time. This easily breaks the password protected PST files and let you get all its data back.
  2. Offers you various search options through this program in order to locate the PST files whose password is intended to be recovered.
  3. Compatible with all Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even the latest Windows 8.
  4. Supports all versions of Outlook PST files such as outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010.
  5. Provides you to deal with the simplest and easiest interface to access the program at an ease.

And many more additional features and functions can be dealt with this great and amazing PST Password Recovery software. If you have any isuses about the PST Password then you can free download the tool and you can recover pst passwords. You are just a few minutes away only to get access to any of your password protected PST files.

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